Have a basic pair of heels that need jazzing up?  Do you have a favorite pair of shoes, but your heels slip out easily and they don't stay on?  Sassy Strapps is a patent pending women's shoe accessory that addresses both of these questions!  Sassy Strapps is a simple but innovative product that not only helps to keep your feet more secure in yours shoes, but also updates the look of your current shoes.  With many fun designs, you can create your own designer looks, by wearing one, two even three Sassy Strapps at a time.


They are functional, fashionable and affordable!  Wear Sassy Strapps OVER your shoes when your foot is INSIDE your shoe, they fit snuggly around your foot and shoe and help to keep your foot more secure in your shoes. You can also wear Sassy Strapps around your foot then insert your foot into your shoe - allowing the use with ballet flats!  Some styles can be worn as anklets too!  With many different designs of Sassy Strapps, you can update the look of your current shoe each day with a different pair of Sassy Strapps!  You can create your own designer looks without spending a fortune, starting at $9.99, you'll find Sassy Strapps to be a great addition to accent your shoes and your overall outfits.  


Check out this short demonstrative video:  http://vimeo.com/75736318