Shoe straps for high heels! Shoe straps for flats! Boot Straps as footwear jewelry!

Do you have loose fitting shoes?  Looking for a detachable shoe strap for your high heels to help solve this problem?  Sassy Strapps is a patent pending women's shoe accessory that turns your plain shoes into designer looking shoes, AND helps to keep them more secure on your feet!  With many fun designs, you can create your own designer looks without spending a fortune, by wearing one, two even three Sassy Strapps at a time.  They are shoe jewelry!  Our slideshow above illustrates the SAME shoe with different strapps pictured, giving them a different look!


Check out this short how-to-wear video!  Simply wear Sassy Strapps OVER your shoes when your foot is INSIDE your shoe, they fit snuggly around your foot and shoe and help to keep your foot more secure in your shoes.  They can also be worn with flats as shown in the video and some styles can be worn as anklets!  You can update the same shoe each day with a different pair of Sassy Strapps!  Starting at $9.99, they are functional, fashionable and affordable!  We just added new designs to update your plain boot strapps, and have a gorgeous rhinestone T-strapps to jazz up your plain janes!

Patent Pending Sassy Strapps from Sassy Strapps on Vimeo.