Everyone’s foot is not the same size, at this time, Sassy Strapps comes in “ONE SIZE”


While most of the designs can be used as anklets, due to the nature of some of the trims, the venise and the antique pearl have zero stretch and therefore are unable to fit over your foot and up on your ankle. 


In addition, if you are going to wear Sassy Strapps wrapped around your foot FIRST and then inserting your foot in your shoe, try to align the sewn edge towards the middle of the arch of your foot.  If you have high arches, you won’t likely feel the sewn edge.  If you are more flat footed, it is possible you may feel the sewn edge, so turning the Sassy Strapp sewn edge the the highest part of your arch will help to avoid any feeling if you might experience this.


Please keep Sassy Strapps out of the reach of children and animals.  Do not leave on your shoes on the floor.  Please make sure children and animals are not able to put them in their mouths or ingest.  


It is recommended that you do not wear hosiery when wearing Sassy Strapps, they could possibly cause a run in your hosiery.


Sassy Strapps worn around your foot and shoe:

Sassy Strapps worn around your foot and INSIDE your shoe:



Sassy Strapps worn as an anklet: